PC (released Nov 2007)

I was lucky enough to cut my teeth on a great project like Crysis.

I worked on two of the levels in the game, and also spent several months helping out with the in-game cinematics.

Working on Crysis was an intense, incredible and inspiring experience. The amount of passion on the team was amazing and looking back it sometimes feels like a dream.

I took over the art and scripting on this level pre-first pass. It was borne as the second half of an extremely large level which had to be split into two early on. It was quite a complex beast as it featured lush jungle, open terrain, building interiors and finally the inside of the mine which was built using voxels. I completely re-designed the camp layout to work nicely with sight-lines, I redid the crusher area from scratch to account for Nanosuit gameplay, and I crafted the pathing around the open-pit mine to work with vehicle gameplay.
I was assigned scripting duty on this level after my experience on the second Vertical Slice which had featured the Aircraft Carrier. In the level, the player travels to the USS Constitution for debriefing only to be caught up in a massive alien assault on the Carrier Group. This required me to script essentially two versions; the tense but calm ambience at the start, and then the panic of the destroyed version with Alien combat. The level culminates in not one, but two, boss encounters.