Killzone Shadow Fall
PlayStation 4 (released Nov 2013)

Killzone Shadow Fall was an exclusive launch title for the PlayStation 4 in November 2013.

I worked on two of the ten chapters in the singleplayer campaign.

I was on this game from the very first prototyping stages in pre-production, to working on the 'proof of concept' level, to bug-fixing at the very end. It was a really interesting project to work on because we wanted to take the series in a different direction; to promote more player choice and open level design than past games in the series. It also had to be done by an immovable deadline; the PlayStation 4 console's launch. No pressure! :)

The Patriot

“A hostage situation at the end of the fourth chapter, set in a circular building with multiple entry points and destructible walls, is brilliantly realised.”

- Oli Welsh, Eurogamer (Nov 13)

This level initially came from a 'pitch board' I made for a terrorist attack scenario in futuristic Vekta City. I took on the second half of the level (Acts III and IV) which starts in a hostage rescue situation in a penthouse and ends in a 'hanging on rope' Dropship chase that was included in the PS4 Reveal.
The Helghast

“The Helghan half of Vekta behind the wall, for example, is an incredible suspended expanse of containers. [...] The level design is unbelievably good - we can't think of any recent shooter we've played which beats it.”

- Steve Boxer, CVG (Nov 13)

In this mission, the player crosses over to the Helghast side of the city in order to hunt down a terrorist leader. I took all seven sections of the level from Brief to completion from a level design perspective.