Crysis 2
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (released Mar 2011)

I returned from Budapest to Crytek HQ in Frankfurt, and worked on Crysis 2 for six months.

Most of that time I spent developing the Roosevelt Island level.

I also helped out on the Grand Central Exterior and Bryant Park levels, although those substantially changed by the time I played the final version on my couch at home.

Eye of the Storm

“There are multiple stunning sights, such as a nighttime vista of the burning metropolis from a famed island in the East River.”

- Kevin VanOrd, GameSpot (Mar 11)

I used Visio to plan the level and scripted a first-pass run of it. For performance reasons, I also split the level into two before I left and another Level Designer took over and did a truly amazing job on the level. The first part of the level is quite similar to what was originally there (but obviously polished), but the rest of the level was developed to include an indoor power substation and even a compound with a showdown with a major story character that was all added after I had left.